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4Minute Unveils Preview for their new Japanese Single “READY GO”

4Minute has just released their 5th Japanese single Heart to Heart. Now, they are ready to comeback and release another single entitled“READY GO”.

The single is said to be used as an OST for a new drama from TV Tokyo entitled “Koko ga Usawa no El Palacio”, which will air on October 6.

The single is said to be released in December.

Let’s hear the teaser below:






KnomJean Releases her 3rd Single “Risk” from Cycle Album

KnomJean’s music video series has caused the quite a stir to her fans. Now, backing up the previous music videos namely, Silence and Over You, she releases her third and happy music video entitled Risk. The music video portrays KnomJean as finding her new love with the guy she met during her vacation on Over You MV.

Watch the full MV below:

RaNia The First Asian Tour In Manila!

Rookie girl group, RANIA will be having their first fan meeting across Asia, they will be on Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Philippines. We want to announce  to you that AsiaHolics will be the organizer for Rania’s fan meet event in Manila, Philippines on 20th of August of 2011. Details are here and there. YOU MUST BE THERE AND NOT TO MISS SUCH AN AWESOME EVENT!

Sam Concepcion and Elmo Magalona’s Opening for Miley Cyrus

The last Corazon Gitano Tour of Miley Cyrus  was a total success in the Philippines as it was the only asian country destination of her tour. The concert was even hyped by an opening act by two heartthrobs in the Philippine pop industry, Sam Concepcion and Elmo Magalona. Read the rest of this page »

P-POP is not a Genre?

The Asian Music scene is currently moving forward and on the progress. To that, unique genres from different countries have been established such as , J-POP, K-POP, C-POP, and T-POP. The Philippines is known with OPM, but on the year 2009, a term P-POP surfaced out. But now, in a certain magazine, it tells that P-POP is not a genre, but a trademark of a certain record label in the Philippines. Let’s get to know more about this after the cut. Read the rest of this page »

Get Ready For The Real Jane Zhang

Pop star knows some fans might not approve of her new hard-edged album, but the former Supergirl star is determined to be true to herself, report Han Bingbin and Qin Zhongwei.

With her fame and reputation, Jane Zhang, the diva-to-be, finds herself struggling to decide between what she wants to sing and what the public wants to hear from her. Read the rest of this page »

Girls’ Generation Has Much Success in Japan, Matures Beyond What Fans Have Seen Before

After being judged as the “standard of success” for Korean singers in Japan, Girls’ Generation set a new record, over senior singer BoA, on the Oricon Charts. The members’ mature transformations, which have been revealed on their Japan tour, have been garnering attention from Japanese and Korean fans, opening up Girls’ Generation’s “success generation” in Japan. Read the rest of this page »

INFINITE’s Dongwoo Gets Pulled Off Stage By An Audience Member

Even though there’ve been several reports of stars being injured by overzealous fans, it seems that security is still lax at festivals, as it was recently reported that INFINITE’s Dongwoo was pulled off stage.

On June 4th, INFINITE was performing “Nothing’s Over” at a public music festival when an audience member latched onto Dongwoo’s leg, dragging him off the stage. Read the rest of this page »

f(x)’s Krystal Comes Under Fire For Her Rude Attitude Once Again

f(x)’s Krystal has been put up on the chopping block once again for her rude attitude, only this time it was on SBS’s Kiss & Cry.

June 5th’s episode revealed the stars preparation process as they geared up for their first performance. Immediately, viewers noticed an air of tension between Krystal and her trainer, Lee Dong Hoon. Read the rest of this page »

Girls’ Generation’s 1st Japanese Album Debuts at No. 1 on Oricon Chart

The first Japanese album by Girls’ Generation topped the Oricon Chart as soon as it was released on Wednesday. Read the rest of this page »


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