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Yoshitaka, Sasaki & Vivian Hsu team up for Kao’s “Essential”


The three actresses Yoshitaka Yuriko, Sasaki Nozomi and Vivian Hsu are going to appear in the new commercials Kao’s hair care brand “Essential”. Each of them filmed filmed their own commercial and never got the chance to appear together in one commercial, but on the 16th they finally were able to meet up for a PR campaign.

The new campaign and commercials promote Kao’s new and improved “Essential Damage Care” goods including a new shampoo, conditioner and treatment. In order to convince every women about the magic they can do to the tips of one’s hair, Kao sent samples of the new goods to every household of the 7 major cities of Japan. It’s supposed to “impress” them a lot, so much that their heart is going to skip a bit (kyun) and that’s exactly why they are calling it the “Kyun! paign”.

On stage the three of them also revealed what made them kyun recently. Sasaki answered, “My 3 puppies always have a soothing effect on me. Recently I was worried about them suffering too much from the summer heat, but they told me that they are alright. If they can speak? Of course!” Yoshitaka revealed that some simple sliced raw beef would make her kyun anytime. “I absolutely love raw meet and there is no summer without yakiniku! I always go and have some yakiniku, even if I have to go alone. You should ways eat the things you want to eat!” She laughed.

Yoshitaka, Sasaki and Vivian rarely get the chance to meet each other, but they immediately hit it off when meeting for the campaign. Before going on stage Yoshitaka even had the time to learn some Mandarin from Vivian and proudly used it during her self-introduction. Vivian was impressed and praised her a lot. “Don’t do that, it was nothing… I recently had some work in South Korea too,” Yoshitaka was embarrassed and tried to be humble, but it ended up impressing her even more. “She’s fluent in Mandarin and in Korean. She’s a genius!” Vivian replied.

They also expressed their thoughts about each other. Sasaki, “I’m always watching Yoshitaka’s drama and I’ve always been a big fan of Vivian.” Yoshitaka had some nice words for her as well. “Sasaki is absolutely adorable, almost like a doll,” she said and then surprised everyone when she started humming the song “Timings” from Black Biscuits’, a J-Pop group from the late 90′s with Vivian as one of their members. Vivian and Sasaki then joined to sing the chorus. “Those two are making me kyun!” Vivian was happy to meet them like this. “Both are so natural and so adorable,” she added.

The new commercials featuring Yoshitaka, Sasaki and Vivian will start airing on TV later this month.

Written by: KawaiiJoyuu
Sources: Oricon, Sanspo via :

Ikuta Toma and Aragaki Yui invites you to Nova Scotia, Canada


Walking through world heritage sites, staying at hotels Tohma Ikuta (25) and Yui Aragaki (22) used for on-location filming, and eating the local cuisine are parts of new travel tours for “ハナミズキ (Hanamizuki)” movie fans, reports Cinema Today on August 8.

Yui Aragaki on location in Canada

Japanese travel agency H.I.S has put together several travel packages to see the world of  “ハナミズキ (Hanamizuki)”, which includes a trip to Lunenburg, in Nova Scotia, Canada, where parts of the film were shot.  The town was built in the 18th to 19th century, and its colorful wooden buildings had earned it UNESCO World Heritage site status in 1995.

Of two package tours, one is a seven-day tour of Nova Scotia and Niagara (costs range from 199,000 yen to 439,000 yen), and the other is a seven-day tour of Nova Scotia and New York (costs range from 234,000 yen to 407,000 yen).

H.I.S travel packages

“ハナミズキ (Hanamizuki)” will be released in Japanese theaters on August 21.

Source: Momoedgewood

Tabe and Miura promote “Kimi ni Todoke”


Actress Tabe Mikako (21) and actor Miura Haruma (20) were present at NTV’s annual “Shiodome Expo” to promote their upcoming movie “Kimi ni Todoke” at their very own booth with the love bell and their hand prints.

NTV is hosting the “Shiodome Expo” every summer which allows their viewers to experience various booths of their favorite TV shows including “ItteQ!”, “Black Variety”, “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukasa” as well as their dramas and movies. You can buy various goods, enjoy their restaurant and watch live performances.

Both young actors said that they were able to wear a yukata for the first time this year thanks to the event. Tabe mentioned at the PR event that she likes to be active during the summer. “I love water skiing,” she said. Miura loves going to the sea as well, “I always can’t wait to go surfing again.”

“Kimi ni Todoke” is a pure senior high school love story based on a manga of the same name. It will open in Japan no September 25, 2010.

Source: kawaiijoyuu

New Song from Arashi for Ooku:Live Action Movie!


A new song from Arashi will soon be meeting all the fans. It seems like they can’t stop making the fans pleased and happy by their rapid development in this industry.

It is the theme song for Ooku : Live Action Movie, starring one of the Arashi member, Ninomiya Kazunari. This movie will be on end of October 2010.

The new song called [Dear Snow]. From the title itself, everyone hope that this song can give a huge impact for both Arashi and the movie. Everyone, please visit Ooku official website! It seems like the movie will have their very own story to amazed all viewers. Starring together Horikita Maki(Tokujyo Kabachi), Shibasaki Kou, Nakamura Aoi, Tamaki Hiroshi and Ookura Tadayoshi.

Sources: Ooku Official Website and Jpopfun!

“Boys Over Flowers” Reunion?


The two stars of the Korean and Japanese version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ drama have recently met. Kim HyunJoong and Shun Oguri met and had an interview together on July 20th in Seoul.

Both came together with the fact that they played the same roles. Kim HyunJoong acted in the idol drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ as Yoon JiHoo and Shun Oguri played the role of Hanazawa Rui in the Japanese version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ called ‘Hana Yori Dango.”

A spokesperson stated, “The meeting between the two stars was private, and the interview will go on for a short time.”

Shun Oguri is currently in Korea as he was invited to Puchon International Film Festival, for his independent film ‘Surely Someday‘. He met with Kim HyunJoong after his schedule with the festival finished.

So which version do you like better? Yoon JiHoo or Hanazawa Rui?

Source: Kim Young Hwan
Translation: ch0sshi

Kyoko Fukada stars in drama adaptation of Keigo Higashino’s “Genya”


Keigo Higashino’s novel “Genya” is getting a television drama adaptation this fall on the WOWOW network. The series will star Kyoko Fukada (27) playing a “wicked woman” type of character, said to be her first such role.

Fukada plays the part of the main character Mifuyu Shinkai, who deceives and uses others for her own desires, going as far as driving them to commit murder. The male lead will be played by Takashi Tsukamoto (27), while Kyohei Shibata (58) plays a detective.

The series is scheduled for eight episodes, starting sometime in November.

source: tokyograph

Kawashima Umika’s live performance


Today the movie “Watashi no Yasashikunai Senpai” starring Kawashima Umika (16) and Hanya’s Kanada Satoshi (24) finally opened in Japan. Next to celebrating the opening day of her movie, Kawashima also went to Tower Records in Shibuya to celebrate the release of its theme song “Maji de Koi Suru 5-byo Mae.”

Kawashima covered Hirosue Ryoko’s (30) debut single and performed it under the alias “Umika as Yamako”. Yamako is the girl she’s playing in the movie. At Tower Records she performed the song for the first time with her cute singing voice and the cute dance while wearing the school uniform from the movie.

After the performance she talked a bit about her state of mind. “It really has been one of my most nervous years so far,” she was excited. “I learned the choreography just yesterday and continued to practice it overnight. I’ve also performed in front of my mom,” she revealed and was relieved that everything went well during the actual performance.

Sources: Sanspo, MovieCollection

Credits: KawaiiJoyuu


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